How to become a partner

We cooperate with:

  • Retailers and points of purchase

We offer optimal product mix for each client and for any business type.

  • Online shops and online-supermarkets

We submit exhaustive information about delivery products, including necessary for online sale description, video and photo marketing materials.

  • Large trading networks

We cooperate with big business

  • Complementary activities

We supply specific products for fashion shops, exhibition shops, gift stores, etc.

  • Emergent entrepreneurs

We propose business organization on turnkey basis. Our consultants will offer turn-based strategy of building a business from scratch using the most recent technologies.

Business terms and conditions

Our workflow


  • Work officially and exclusively on a contract basis, with use of standardized documentation procedures.
  • Keep fair competition – monitor market and prevent price dumping for our products.
  • Don`t cooperate with dubious firms and dummy companies/sites.
  • Highly appreciate our activities and business reputation.

How does it work?

  1. You leave an application on the site or contact our sales department in such manner as you think fit.
  2. We handle an application and appoint personal consultancy manager for you.
  3. Manager gets in contact with you, elaborates details, and sends you package of documents, including application form. You should fill in the documents so that we`ll prepare an individual proposal for you.
  4. In accordance with obtained data our sales department will prepare for you personal commercial proposal including individually selected product mix and entry-level prices category + access to personal account and close catalogue on site.
  5. You form your first order.
  6. Your personal manager gets in contact with you, elaborates details and makes out an invoice.
  7. Payment.
  8. Door-to-door delivery.
  9. Active sales. Realization of profit.
  10. You make next order. You are granted the status «loyal customer». Cooperation agreement is signed.
  11. You have a share in loyalty program. You are granted discounts and bonuses.
  12. A possibility of your passage into wholesale prices category is considered based on your annual financial results.

Why it is profitable to cooperate with Smobile?

How do all other companies work: 

How does Smobilework: 


  • Suppliers are unconcerned with disposal of goods in your shop, whether it successful or not.

Result –Suppliers strive to sell You goods as soon as possible, not caring about your business and profit.


  • High yield

We do all in our power so that our products will bring profit to our partners and clients, and projects will be perspective and viable. And it is our major task.


  • Equal terms of supply at identical prices for all clients and business partners.

Result–You have no price advantages, so disposal of goods is unprofitable for you, because  competitors are in position to cut under.


  • We sell exclusively quality products with good marginality.

You will always compare favourably with your competitors. We sell only marginal products which are in demand.


  • Sale of cheap low-quality production.

Result–one can realize one-time or short-term profit. Clients are dissatisfied and unhappy because of low-quality of products. Deficiency of steady increasing income limits business opportunities.


  • Comprehensive solutions.

You can make orders, get consultations and samples of products without leaving the office. Delivery to any point of Ukraine takes sup to 3 days, to any point of CIS – up to one week.


  • Local supplies and sales of products, nearby the office, within the city precincts.

Result–businessmen from other regions and countries have to bear the costs and spend time for offices and warehouses visits.


  • We operate throughout Ukraine and CIS.

Own well-developed warehousing system and advanced logistic activities.


  • Employees don`t take your calls and don`t answer your letters.

Result–lack of efficient communication and low quality consultancy support–You stay alone with your questions and problems.


  • Professional personnel.

You will get exhaustive consultation and answers to all questions, calls and letters, arising in process of business organization and work with supply goods.


  • Design and functional assortment poorness, deficiency of structured assortment matrix.

Result–You have to spend time for products searching and purchasing from several suppliers, expend money on delivery and loyalty.


  • The best assortment.

We formed a structured assortment matrix, covering the most promising product groups and market segments. We compiled upward of 4000 product items of more than 100 manufacturers in one catalogue.


  • Poorly adapted for use site.

Result–it is impossible to find products of interest.


  • Adapted for use site.

Friendly catalogue navigation. Exhaustive information about brands, product lines and product items. Intelligent system of filters. Maximum simplified products selection and procurement procedures.



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